Multiple Sclerosis and Cannabis: Is it Safe?

Living with Multiple Sclerosis Imagine having to take a prescription cocktail recipe that included: disease-modifying therapies (Immunosuppressants), relapse management therapies, symptom management therapies and experimental treatments. These pills can easily climb to twenty or thirty […]

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Review of BC Buds Medical

BC Buds Medical is a British Columbia based mail order marijuana dispensary that delivers high-quality medicine to those suffering from a wide variety of disorders. Their product is sourced from premium suppliers so you know […]

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How to Buy Weed in Toronto

Looking to buy weed in Toronto? You’ve got lots of options, and you can find whatever cannabis products you need without much trouble. Still, not all options are created equal. We’ll break down a few […]

OG Cali Kush Featured Image Strain Review

Review of Xpress Grass

We received a non-descript package from Xpress Grass in the mail and were happy to see that it was properly packaged with no signs of what lay inside. The package easily fit inside our mailbox […]

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Canna Sweets Review

Canna Sweets is a Canadian MOM with years of combined service in the cannabis community. This MOM advocates for their patients and strives to deliver all orders as quickly as possible to ensure their patients […]