The BEST Sativa Strains of 2018

Strongest Sativa

Sativas are generally said to have more of a “heady” high compared to the body-high of indicas. They are known to have an invigorating, cerebral vibe to them, and that’s what makes them so perfect for a morning smoke (although who are we kidding… you can happily smoke a sativa any time of day!) We did the deep digging and testing for you to pick out our favourite sativas of 2018, as well as where you can order them. Pair any of these strains with a coffee for a nice kick start to your morning!

Moby Dick

This WHALE of a sativa is from Amsterdam and is currently bred by the world-renown Dinafem Seeds. It’s difficult to grow, but worth it for those that can put in the work. It has a sweet citrus aroma with vanilla and eucalyptus tones, and has a THC content that makes it among the strongest sativas available. It’s known for generating a charged buzz with some nice cerebral stimulation. Try it out at!

moby dick best sativa

Jack Herer

It’s hard to talk about the best sativas without talking about Jack Herer. Named after the renowned author and cannabis activist (same name), you’ll find this strain on shelves from Vancouver to Toronto. People say the high from Jack Herer is a heady, euphoric, blissful and focused feeling. The aroma contains notes of a piney, earthy scent, with some bright citrusy sweet tones as well. Give it a try and pick some up at Green Society


Red Congo

This strain has a more indica-like appearance, but the physical effects are dominated by its sativa genetics. Medical users prefer Red Congo for treatment of nausea, cachexia and tension. You’ll get an energized, weightless euphoria, full of focus and mental clarity. Doesn’t that sound good?! Yes please. Head over to to get some for yourself.


red congo best sativa

Lemon Thai

This strain is great for those that work in the creative industries, because it just what you need for a bit of a creative “spark.” It’ll make you introspective, thoughtful, and focused. A cross between a Thai sativa and an unknown Hawaiian strain, the lemony-mint taste makes it a pleasure to smoke. Try it from

Agent Orange

No, it’s not the Vietnam-era chemical killer, it’s the marijuana strain. It’s an aggressive sounding name, but don’t be fooled, it produces a cerebral, uplifting high that’s perfect for migraines, depression, or anxiety. Also known as Agent O, this 75:25 sativa/indica is found everywhere. If you want a good price on it, though, get it from

agent orange strain best of

Mango Haze

Everybody likes mangos, right? Of course they do, and everybody likes Mango Haze too. A cross between Northern Lights #5, Haze, and Skunk bring this strain an uplifting, fruity taste. It’s similar to Super Silver Haze, but has a distinctive mango nose paired with a buzzing cerebral sensation. Add it to your order from

mango haze best strain

Did we miss one of YOUR favorite sativa strains? Let us know in the comments below!

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